Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sinfully unhealthy

Somehow, I found myself back at the Seng Thor coffee shop at the junction of Carnarvon Street and Kimberley Street in George Town, Penang, at lunch time today. Well, not exactly lunch time but a little past lunch hour, in fact. Anyway, never mind.

While I was eating my bowl of noodle soup, I noticed the man selling oyster omelette was just opening his stall. I've written in the past how unhealthy his plate of oyster omelette could be, but I never got the opportunity to video him do the cooking.

Today, I was placed strategically at the table behind his stall and thus, had an unhindered view of his frying technique. Here's what I saw:

Would you countenance buying a plate of fried oysters from this hawker, knowing that possibly tons of lard had gone into the frying?

When this video started, the hawker had already poured a ladle of the omelette flour mixture into the pan. A second ladle of flour mixture was then quickly added, followed by some eggs. Then came a huge bowl of lard oil. And afterwards, after some five minutes of frying over an intense flame, the excess lard oil was scooped back into the bowl.

You can imagine how much lard oil had gone into the six minutes of preparation. Tastes good, but think of the cholesterol and the problems that go with it from excessive consumption. Be warned.

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