Thursday, 13 August 2015

It's now minding your Os, Ps and Qs

When out of the blue, I received a message from my cousin, Eng Chye, inviting us down to a dinner in Petaling Jaya on the 10th of August, I decided that this was not going to be something that I would want to miss. For one thing, Eng Chye and I both go back a long way to 1974 when we got to know one another without realising that we are related. So we are very fast friends - and cousins. And for another thing, he was Best Man at our wedding. I could have called upon anyone in Penang to be Best Man but no, I plumbed for him although he was living in Petaling Jaya and he had agreed.

So there we were, at the D'Fong Restaurant in Petaling Jaya. We walked in to find four resplendent tables laid out for Eng Chye's and Adeline's family and relatives. Plus, there they were, the couple of the hour, Eng Chye's daughter, Xinyi, and her husband, who were being introduced round to us. Wow, like I told her, the last time that I saw her, it was at a restaurant at the Gurney Plaza and she was just this tall.

And there they were too, some more of my multitudes of Oh relatives amidst the Phuah relatives, many of whom I was meeting for the first time too. So pardon me if I'm unable to remember who's who and who's named what. They were really that many and my poor brain just couldn't function properly.

Oh yes, seeing everybody together like this, I would wish to update one saying that Eng Chye and I used to have a chuckle together in the past. Based on our surnames, we had been telling people to really "mind their Ps and Qs" with us. Perhaps now, I should also change this to "minding your O(h)s, P(huah)s and Q(uah)s," It's not often that three surnames can mix together as well as this!

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