Saturday, 12 December 2015

Venus and Jupiter

Stepped out of the house this morning and happened to look upwards. An automatic reaction with me. And immediately noticed two of the brightest spots of light in the still deep blue sky. Quickly grabbed the camera and aimed upwards. Handheld, no time to mount the camera on a tripod. Venus was no problem; it was bright enough to capture it juxtaposed with the mini-satellite dish. Jupiter posed a challenge, though, because it was so much dimmer. Despite steadying myself against a wall, I could sense a slight camera shake. But okay, lah, still caught the essence on the planet on the camera. Was immediately blown away by the discovery of tiny pricks of light on the image which I couldn't see with my naked eyes. Plus, the bonus of seeing two of Jupiter's brightest Gallilean moons. What a start to a day!

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