Sunday, 20 March 2016

The bicentenary book

I suppose it is time for me to put some closure to my writing of the long history of the Penang Free School. I have spent something like eight months on this project for the School's Bicentenary Celebrations this October 2016 and I still have one last chapter to complete, which is on some of the illustrious deceased alumni who had shone prominently on the national or world stage. But for that, I can write the chapter separately without affecting much of the book's main contents. 

It had been an interesting journey to trace the School's history as much of the pre-Second World War records had been lost due to the Occupation years. Thankfully, the National Library in Singapore, the rare books section of the Penang State Library and the School Archives did provide me with a lot of resources to work on, not to mention too some individuals who helped with information to fill in some gaps.

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