Friday, 29 July 2016

Joe Hasham

It has been quite some time since I brought out my records to play. When I tried to do it last week, I had an unplesant shock when the stylus came off. I was attempting to dislodge some lint from its end when the stylus dropped off.

No choice then, but to buy a new cartridge from the only reliable audio shop that I knew in Penang: the Wisma Audio Central in the Penang Plaza, Tanjong Tokong. "Just unscrew the headshell from the tonearm and bring it in," the boss told me, which was what I did on Monday. The whole operation set me back RM450 for a new Ortofon MC-1 Turbo cartridge. So here I am, at home again, with a new cartridge on the tonearm and eager to play through some of my old records. and I can say that with a new cartridge in place, my music has taken on a new perspective. They seemed sharper and with more definition in the treble, mid-range and bass in the music.

Side A: Yesterday when I was young, Blowin' in the wind, Father & son, Simon smith and his amazing dancing bear, Nobody loves you when you're down and out, Have you never been mellow

Side B: What'll I do, House of the rising sun, She's my wife, Sad Lisa, Reflections, New world in the morning

I had acquired this record quite a long time ago but thought that I'd bring it out again for a spin. In the 1970s, Joe Hasham was a popular television actor and singer in Australia. In 1984, he migrated to Malaysia, married Penang-born radio and television personality Faridah Merican and set up the Actors Studio in Kuala Lumpur. Hasham's self-titled album contained his interpretation of many popular songs of his time.

Faridah Merican has a connection to the Penang Free School although she did not study there. Her father was Basha Merican, an Old Boy of the Free School who taught in his Alma Mater where he was appointed the Scout Master. Later, he became the Chief Inspector of Schools in Province Wellesley and the Penang Scout Commissioner.


hellfried said...

How much did the cartridge alone costs you? Just getting into vinyl and am curious to know the price range of higher end cartridges. I live in Penang too.

SS Quah said...

Like I mentioned in the story, RM450.

hellfried said...

Oo ok. I thought there were labour charges involved. My mistake.