Tuesday, 6 September 2016

History of the Old Frees

This story appeared in the Star2 section of The Star newspaper's print edition yesterday: an early account of Penang Free School celebrating its 200 years this October, which is not too far off actually because today marks only 45 days to go before the Big Bash itself on 21 October 2016.

Although I'm chuffed that Arnold Loh called me the school's unofficial historian - I'm quite certain that it was Abdul Rafique bin Abdul Karim, the chairman of the school's Board of Governors, who suggested it to Arnold - many of the comments attributed to me in the story were not exactly quoted verbatim. But they were close enough and they conveyed the correct message.

P.S. The online version of this story had two more pictures that failed to go into the print version because of space constraints. My handsome side profile is there. :-)


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