Thursday, 8 September 2016

Penang Free School on commemorative stamps

There will be First Day Covers and commemorative postage stamps to be launched by Pos Malaysia on the occasion of Penang Free School's Biceentenary celebrations 21 Oct 2016. This will be the second time that Penang Free School will be honoured by having commemorative postage stamps issued to mark two significant milestones in her long, 200-year history. 

The first set of postage stamps was issued in 1966 to mark the Sesquicentenary. Fifty years later, we are now on the threshold of the Bicentenary and another set of postage stamps are being readied for issue. No other school in Malaysia has been so doubly honoured.

The new stamps' denominations shall be 70sen, 80sen and 90sen. There is also a special RM5 miniature sheet which features the school crest. 

I am happy to say that my picture of the school buildings, as seen from one of the quadrangles, will be used on the 70sen stamp. The classrooms are in the left-side building while the school hall takes up the right side of the stamp. The dome stands prominently in the background. The 80sen and 90sen stamps depict aerial views of the school and they were taken from a drone operated by David Wong.

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