Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Around Dittisham

A pictorial story of our three days in Dittisham. 

The four of us had travelled to Dittisham by car, a journey which took four hours on the highway from London before turning off at Totnes and continuing along narrow roads to our destination. Left to right, See Liang Teik, myself, Saw See and Allen Choong.

Here's where we stayed, at the Red Lion Inn, a bed and breakfast establishment which served as a grocery shop, post office and everything else you may think of.

 Breath-taking view of the River Dart in the distance from the Red Lion Inn. The car park is directly below.

 And this is the view from our bedroom, overlooking several noticeboards, including one from the Dittisham FC.

 The River Dart very late in the afternoon.

 That's how narrow most of the roads are in Dittisham. This one, directly outside the Red Lion Inn, sports a hairpin bend.

The St George's Church went well out of the way to welcome us Old Frees to their village.

The tower of the St George's Church, which we were lucky enough to ascend later.

Who would have thought that behind the church wall would be the cemetery? Who would have thought that we would be living practically next to a cemetery? Brrr.....

 The playing field of the local Dittisham Football Club.

Our morning walk took us past several beautiful cottages and houses.

The pub at the Red Lion Inn.

 Breakfast fare

After breakfast, we suddenly discovered that someone had raised the England flag on top the church tower. It wasn't there when we went for our walk earlier.

Down this road we would go for lunch at the Anchor Stone Cafe which was right beside the River Dart.

Fancy owning a house in rural Dittisham? It's only a cool STG500,000.

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