Saturday, 29 October 2016

Playing chess in Merry England

It's been a month today since I played chess with See Liang Teik against the Dittisham backdrop. Trust him to bring along a chess set - and a chess clock - all the way from home. But he really wanted to play against me. And what better place to play, he told me, than in Dittisham itself. The opportunity presented itself in the morning just as we were about to leave the Red Lion Inn for the long drive back to London. Might as well get it over with, I sighed to myself, or else I will not hear the end of it from him. And so, we set up the chess board at the Inn and with Saw See busily clicking away on the camera all around us, we played. He wanted me to give him the odds of a rook but no way lah, I told him, the most I can promise you is that I won't use my QR unless necessary. Ha ha...!!

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