Monday, 28 November 2016

Four against the wall

We, four Old Frees, found ourselves up against the wall at a KRI Morning Talk organised by Khazanah Research Institute at the old Bangunan UAB in China Street Ghaut, George Town, this afternoon. Who is the odd man out? Must be me because the other three are Old Frees prominent in their own respective fields. Me, I'm only a busybody blogger.


Quah said...

Dear SS Quah, I am Kok Hwee from Spore. There is a Malaysian clansman who is a descendent of (Penang) Quah Beng Kee. Is there any possible for him to contact with Penang Swee Cheok Tong, to seek advise about history of Quah Beng Kee (of Xiamen TongAn HouKe village). My ancestry village is in Quanzhou Anxi Penglai town.

My email in SG:
Facebook AC: Quah Kok Hwee
Facebook AC: 柯氏网文化促进会 中华柯氏大宗族 KSDZZ

Quah said...

The name of Quah Beng Kee's descendent is Quah Cheow Chye (on Facebook).
He did visited Swee Cheok Tong during CNY 2017, but no Quah clansmen were around.

I message him following info:

(1) Swee Cheok Tong (Quah Kongsi) (檳城瑞鵲堂柯公司) or Quah Si Swee Cheok Tong (柯氏瑞鵲堂), 24 Carnarvon Lane, 10100 Penang, Malaysia.

(2) The Quah (柯) surname in a nutshell

* clan house in Penang was derived from the original Swee Cheok Tong (瑞鵲堂) that was established in 1846 (Pia Gor year in the reign of Emperor Toh Kong (道光帝) by the Ow Quah (後柯) clansmen in Tia Boay (village), Tung Uahn Kuan (district), Chuan Chew Hoo (prefecture), Hock Kian Seng (province), China.

(3.1) [at 55% position of website]

(3.2) Kongsi