Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Short trip

My wife and I made a quick overnight trip to the Klang Valley on Monday. She had a rare seminar to attend at the Subway Resort & Spa and wanted me to accompany her. Thus, we took the afternoon ETS train down to Kuala Lumpur, reaching there at about seven o'clock, and then switching to the LRT to the Paramount station where one of my cousins was waiting for us. Over dinner, I passed him a copy of my book, Let the Aisles Proclaim.

All my pictures were taken with my mobile phone; hence the quality left a lot to be desired. Here, there was an unusually reddish hue which I could not correct with software. I would suspect that the phone camera had been fooled by the colour of our T-shirts and the table cloth. By a coincidence, we were all in red, as if we have pre-planned it. 

He was to drop us off at the 33 Boutique Hotel in Sunway. This is just a small hotel opposite the Sunway Pyramid, a four-storey one-shoplot hotel with 30 rooms that were big enough for a queen-size bed or two twin beds. But I must say that the hotel is very decent and very clean, presumably because they had opened just nine months ago. What I liked about my room on the second level was the optimised use of the bathroom. The shower head was well positioned to allow for the water to spray onto the sliding door but the shower curtain prevented the water from spilling into the bedroom. Very cool indeed. And there was a lift to service all four floors. There was no breakfast but with eateries all nearby, breakfast wasn't exactly missed. The only disappointment was the lack of decent television channels.

On the next day while my wife was attending the seminar, I went to the Amcorp Mall. I knew that this place wasn't a premier shopping centre but I wanted to visit Joe's Mac and browse through his collection of second-hand records. Before I knew it, I had spent almost five hours there and came away with a handful of old records. I haven't played them yet since returning but I hope the sound quality will be decent.

Lunch was with one of my old schoolmates, Kee Thuan Chye. Spent about an hour talking exchanging opinions about the sorry state of the country here. We agreed that unfortunately, there's little hope of a solution unless the present regime loses at the next general elections. At four in the afternoon, I went back to the Sunway Resort to meet my wife and then we dashed off to catch the ETS train back to Bukit Mertajam, us reaching home after midnight.

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