Thursday, 15 December 2016

The bicentenary reunions

Finally, I remember that we had some fabulous reunions of the Sesqui boys, pre- and post-bicentenary celebrations. The first of three was on 20 October 2016, held at Kim Guan's condominium unit at Gurney Drive. Quite a lot of us turned up and many drank themselves under the table. I turned up for what was supposed to be a short hello-goodbye but it eventually became a long-drawn hour's stay. Thinking back, how could I ever think about getting away with only a short 20-minute stay at that party? No way!

Okay, I shall do my best to identify all the old farts in this picture. That's Derek hidden behind Chin Chuan, followed by Chye Chye, Swee Poh, Teik Wah, Choi Choon, myself, Ling Heong, Nai Kwang, Oon Hup, Andrew, Benny, Kah Theang, Kim Bock, to be confirmed, Soon Chye, Hee Lye, Chim Jin, Sanan, Seng Oo, Thuan Chye, Thiruchelvam, Michael (up). Kheng Hock (down), Kah Kheng, Hean Guan and Kim Guan.

The second reunion was held at the school canteen on 22 October 2016 morning where we were treated to a nasi kandar lunch cooked by Mohd Noor. He was too busy looking after the food that he failed to join us in any of the group photographs. I had to arrive late for this reunion, having been caught up in a traffic jam coming out from Bukit Mertajam, and missed the singing of the School Rally. Still, I was among the first to receive a commemorative T-shirt.

As this group of old farts was even larger than the previous one, I will not attempt to identify everyone in the picture. But we had the presence of Johnny Ooi, our old History teacher and hockey coach. That's him sitting in the picture, the odd one out.

As if two reunions were not enough, we celebrated again over dinner on 22 October 2016 at the E&O Hotel in Farquhar Street, George Town. Another round of merry-making and meeting yet other old faces that could not make it to the morning affair at the school.

No point trying to identify the old farts here too but I love all of you, whoever you are!

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