Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Rolf Harris: All together now

Let's not get distracted by the legal problems facing Rolf Harris - he is now serving time in a UK prison for indecent assault on four female victims - and appreciate his positive contribution to the music industry. In September 2007, I had written about his record, The Best of Rolf Harris, which is a compilation album containing some 14 songs from his vast repertoire that had spanned a career of television shows.

More recently, I managed to pick up another compilation album of Harris', containing 12 songs from his shows. Of these, only two songs were replicated; therefore I guessed that it would still be a jolly good buy. However, having spun the record later at home, I have to give this album only a mixed reaction. The first side of the record was very enjoyable but the second side wasn't. I have to admit that I was getting bored and feeling more anxious for this side to finish playing as soon as possible. So what were the songs on this album?

Side One: I've lost my mummy, Gosport Nancy, Waltzing Matilda, Click go the shears, Wild rover, The court of King Caractacus
Side Two: I'll be hanged, Botany Bay, Maximilliam Mouse, Six white boomers, The overlanders, Wild colonial boy

FOOTNOTE: Since I had somehow failed in September 2007 to list the songs that featured in The Best of Rolf Harris compilation album, I suppose this is as good a time as any to do so:

Side One: Two little boys, Tie me kangaroo down sport, Hurry home, Big dog, Bluer than blue, Carra barra wirra canna, The court of King Caractacus
Side Two: Jake the peg, Fijian girl, I know a man, Nick Teen and Al K Hall, I've lost my mummy, Sun arise, If I were a rich man

And as for The Definitive Rolf Harris, the featured songs in the compact disc were: Two little boys, Tie me kangaroo down sport, Court of King Caractacus, Iko iko, Waltzing Matilda, Wild colonial boy, Botany Bay, Click go the shears, The wild rover, Big dog, Carra barra wirra canna, Sun arise, War canoe, Nick Teen and Al K Hall. Jake the peg, Six white boomers, Sonny, Tie me huntin' dog down Jed, Two little teardrops, Sylvie, If I were a rich man, Letter to Narelle, Stairway to heaven.

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