Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tree trunk cleared at Wat Pinbang Onn

I meant to write this story about two weeks ago but had to put it off for a while. It will not do anyone justice if I were to delay the story again. What I meant to write about was to put on record that the fallen tree at the cemetery in the Wat Pinbang Onn in Green Lane had been removed in possibly double-quick time.

I don't know when the old rotted tree had fallen but when I had gone to the cemetery on 28 March 2017, I was shocked but relieved that the tree had barely missed the grave of my grandparents by just a few feet. I was quite skeptical that the Siamese temple authorities would remove the tree at all but I was proven wrong, happily.

When I went to the cemetery again on 31 March for Cheng Beng, to my surprise, the tree was gone. The people whom I had asked to spruce up my grandparents' grave said the tree was removed two days earlier, which meant that the temple authorities had acted on the 29th. Looking around, I could see the chopped up tree trunk laying at the edge of the cemetery several feet away.

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