Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Remembering David Cassidy

I do remember watching The Partridge Family over local television in the early years of the 1970s at a time when syndicated television programmes took years before reaching the Malaysian audience. The biggest star of the show was, of course, David Cassidy who was the son of actor Jack Cassidy. The younger Cassidy had charisma and girls over here also went ga-ga over him like their counterparts elsewhere. David Cassidy died two weeks ago on 21 Nov, a few days after being admitted to a Florida hospital for liver and kidney failure.

I had been wondering whether I had an album of The Partridge Family music in my collection but apparently not. Then I remembered that I did have a copy of Cassidy's debut solo album called Cherish, that I had bought second-hand from someone about four years ago.

Side One: Being together, I just wanna make you happy, Could it be forever, Blind hope, I lost my chance, My first night alone without you
Side Two: We could never be friends ('Cause we've been lovers too long, Where is the morning, I am a clown, Cherish, Ricky's tune

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