Saturday, 6 January 2018

Japan, Day 2: Disk union

It was all a rush rush rush getting from airport to train station and then to the apartment. Now that we had settled in, it was time to take things more slowly and absorb in the atmosphere around us. Emerging from the building, we walked out to start looking at the restaurants. A few caught in the distance our eyes but we decided not to linger too long to decide on our lunch because the whole city was before us!

So we peered and then popped into the nearest udon shop, a little establishment name unknown to me, where we sat at the counter bar. But first, we had to buy tickets from the vending machine. First time again. Passed the tickets to the restaurant staff and waited. Watched them serve other customers first before us. Soon enough, our own meals came. Interesting bowls of noodles and a towering heap of bean sprouts on one of them. First and only time that we saw taugeh served with our meals, though.

Next stop for me was the Disk Union shop on the other side of the Ikebukuro station. While the family went exploring the area, I excused myself for a half hour to immerse myself in one of Japan's well-known music shop. Heaven is when you can browse through their hordes of records.

Okay, I got what I wanted. My spoils of battle. Now we can go elsewhere. My son said Shinjuku. Okay, Shinjuku it shall be. Let's go!

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