Sunday, 29 July 2018

Lunar eclipse

I had read that there would be a lunar eclipse visible in my part of the world on Saturday morning with the maximum eclipse occurring at 4.21 a.m. and it would be the longest in the 21st century. Well, even if it was the longest this century, I wouldn't be wanting to disturb my precious sleep by stalking the moon in the middle of the night. But however much I had wanted to ignore this event, there was no escaping it because the moon was still visible from my bedroom window. In fact, I had woken up at about six o'clock because in spite of my drowsiness, I could sense the moon looking down at me! So reluctantly, I stirred to search for my camera and managed to snap this image of the moon. It was still in its eclipse stage but starting to emerge from the earth's shadow.

By comparison, I took another picture of the moon this morning (below). Can see the world of a difference just about 23 or 24 hours later. A full, round moon bathed by the sun. Colours are all original; no digital editing or enhancement of any sort except under-exposing with my camera to accentuate the shadows on the moon and, of course, cropping.

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