Thursday, 10 January 2008


The first flower on my cirrhopetalum orchid, possibly a sikkimense or auratum, after I had purchased it some three months' back but I really don't know its name because there's so little useful literature about this specie on the Internet. There are 11 individual flowers in the inflorescence, diameter about an inch across and all flowers arranged in a circle at the end of the rachis. So here are the side, top down and bottom up views.

UPDATE 1: Here's a close-up shot of the inflorescence, digitally enhanced and sharpened. If I can find another one, I'll post it up but in the meantime, this'll do. Just click on the image to view a bigger picture:

UPDATE 2: I did promise you this. Another close-up view of the cirrhopetalum.

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xmocha said...

simply divine..