Friday, 11 January 2008

Word of the year

The Macquarie Dictionary is choosing a Word of the Year and here are some of the nominated words. If you want to vote for your Word of the Year, here is the place to do so. Go here to vote.

In the meantime, here are some of the more interesting words:
Butt bra - a garment worn as a support for the buttocks

Cyberathlete - a professional player of computer games

Globesity - the problem of rising obesity around the globe

Green shoe brigade - people who stand to profit from dubious practices conducted in the name of environmental protection

Kippers - adult children who fail to leave home

Lamestream - the traditional media providing news and entertainment, viewed as lacking the originality and daring of the blogosphere

Password fatigue - frustration from having too many different passwords to remember, resulting in an inability to remember even those most commonly used

Pod slurping - downloading large quantities of data to an MP3 player or memory stick from a computer

Man flu - minor cold contracted by a man who then exaggerates the symptoms

Salad dodger - an overweight person

Silent disco - a disco where everyone wears wireless headphones to hear the music, thus eliminating noise pollution

Tanorexic - an obsessive desire to have tanned skin

Tart fuel - alcoholic drinks that will lower a woman's resistance to sexual advances

Enough! If you want more, go visit the website!

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