Thursday, 31 January 2008

I wasn't wrong

Transcript of the barrage of questions thrown at Anti-Corruption Agency officer Chuah Lay Choo by Americk Singh Sidhu, counsel of businessman Loh Mui Fah, at the Royal Commission of Inquiry on 30 Jan 2008 (taken from the Malaysian Bar website):

Americk: Did you instruct any of your team officers to locate Loh Mui Fah?

Chuah: Yes.

Americk: Out of 26 million Malaysians, why did you pick Loh Mui Fah?

Chuah: Because from investigations we found he was the person who appeared in the second part of the video.

Americk: Who pointed this out to you?

Chuah: Through investigations. (Stuttering)

Haidar: Ya. Who?

Chuah: It was information from VK Lingam.

Haidar: Then say so lah ... don’t hide.

Americk: When VK Lingam identified Loh Mui Fah as the other person in the video, did he at the same time identify himself as being in the clip?

Chuah: He say it appears like him and sounds like him.

Americk: Did he give you Loh Mui Fah’s particulars and was that how you traced him?

Chuah: Yes.

Hah! See what I meant here and here.

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