Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Close one eye

I'm not a politician but I really believe I can do tons better than that bloody politician from Jasin of the "close one eye" infamy. His eye may be closed in a make-believe, fantasy world but I assure you, mine is all bona fide.

I woke up this morning and I went alamak! Omigosh... I couldn't open my left eye. The lids were stuck together. And my right eye? Blurry vision.

What I had dreaded came true. The whole of yesterday, my eyes had been itching madly and last night, they were redder than a slab of red beef. I tried some eye-drops and put some cold teabags on them. I had hoped that I would be alright by the morn. Apparently, not.

So what could I do but to tootle down to the doctor? Yes, she confirmed it. The 14-letter C word. C o n j u n c t i v i t i s

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