Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Perfect camouflage

When I was taking a walk at the BM Hill recently, I felt something flit down around me. At first, I saw only dried leaves among the stones and gravel on the ground but there was this green, broken leaf too. Mmm...I thought to myself, could this have been the something that floated down from above?

Then I realised that this wasn't a leaf at all. It was an insect that camouflaged itself to look like a leaf as a protection from predators. I tried to prod it away but it wouldn't budge. So out came my camera. I went in real close to snap a few photos of the insect before it really got tired of me and flew away. Was it a butterfly? I thought it was, but my wife thinks otherwise. There are no feelers, she said. Maybe she is right but we are still none the wiser.

Here are the results, from different perspectives:

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