Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

It has been a rather boring day for me being confined to the house on account of my red eyes. So I whipped out my copy of Nigel Kennedy's interpretation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons for a spin.

I haven't listened to this CD for a very long time so it was sort of like getting to know it again. I've always marvelled at the way that Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra (yes, the same orchestra that played Bach's Brandenburg Concertos under Benjamin Britten) attacked the Four Seasons. There's never a dull moment. Even the slower movements sounded exciting. And in this hot sultry weather we're having right now, Vivaldi's Summer really put me into the right mood!

I know that purists have panned Kennedy's version as not being faithful to the Vivaldi sound but what the heck. It's his own interpretation and if anyone doesn't like it, don't listen to it! That's all he would expect from you, anyway.

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