Sunday, 24 February 2008

A blogger's standing for election in Penang!

Today is Nomination Day in Malaysia's General Election 2008 and for the first time, I see a blogger standing for election. That's history in the making! What's more, it's in Penang. That makes it doubly exciting...

For the first time, we're seeing a political blogger putting his money where his mouth is. Now, it's not going to be just talking for him, but time for him to walk his talk. It's also time for him to demonstrate on bloggers' behalf that we ARE responsible citizens, not to be runned down by incumbent politicians who don't know a bit from a byte. We can be equally vocal when we see the wrongs in society.

Who is the person I'm referring to?

Why, Jeff Ooi, of course! The man whose blog is one of the most widely read in Malaysia. Jeff is standing as a candidate for the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in the parliamentary constituency of Jelutong in Penang.

Before I end, let me just say two things:

1) It doesn't matter a bit what your political preference or affiliation may be but if you believe that this man can sincerely help Malaysia by opening his mouth in Parliament and voice the issues and concerns of the people, you should know what to do with your precious vote.

2) Campaigning can be pretty expensive. If you share the same believe that Jeff Ooi can make a difference to this country but you are unable to lend a physical hand to help his campaign, you may want to consider contributing to his campaign fund. How? Just click on this graphic here for more information about his campaign.


Jeffrey Chew said...

hear hear!

Anonymous said...

Voting is undoubtedly important to exercise democracy but when we put in a Parliament that makes the law, is there any point when the Judiciary and the police under the Executive is not upholding and enforcing the law ?

If BN needs to win in the Maly belt states therefore means investments into those States, is there going to be any funds left for Penang. Therefore the priority for Penang is to find and attract industry to make jobs and stop the loss of young talent to other countries. And industries is not like what MCA Fong Chan Onn says about mobile downloads, this already too yesterday, industries like sports, aviation, envirotechnology, biotechnology, pharma are what our neighbors are competing globally on.

In short, we need LEADERSHIP that has the following VISION :-

1. Create industries that focus on putting jobs and money for the ordinary person; Bottomline - it is still about ECONOMICS;

2. Focus on Security and Integrity; Restore respect for Order then uphold the Law;

3. Retain talent and fight for Fairplay !