Saturday, 23 February 2008

Roadblock after Tesco Penang

This is the content of an email that's floating around in cyberspace. I can certainly say that it's true because only last Wednesday, I came across this roadblock on my way to George Town (no, I wasn't booked for speeding as I'm a good citizen) and on my way back, I saw a guy standing between the pillars in the middle of the expressway, with a walkie-talkie in his hand. The road block is very common but if you are a law-abiding citizen that observes the speed limits all the way from Batu Maung to George Town, what's there for you to fear? Just accept the inconvenience of having to slow down at the check point. That's all.

Dear Visitor

Welcome to Penang Island !!

If you are driving to Penang Island , you will be
greeted by the straight and easy Jelutong Expressway
if you are heading towards George town . Soon you
will see E-Gate building and next to it is the first
Tesco store in Penang

Attached is a picture of Tesco store landmark taken
from the opposite direction from George town going
towards the Penang bridge.

Usually in the afternoon, you may also be greeted by
a traffic police roadblock after Tesco (if you have
not diverted towards Udini Underpass heading to
Greenlane or Batu Ferringhi) but heading straight
towards George town . The speed limit here is 80kmh
and hidden speed cameras is a norm but usually a full
scale road block is due to offences committed like
NOT Wearing Safety Belt and Using Handphone while

A close-up picture will reveal a traffic policeman
hiding behind a plant (when it is a hot sunny day)
or just standing behind the huge unipole (when the
weather is cloudy and cooler, where he has a better
vantage view inside passing vehicles). Sometimes he
is disguised as a gardener, plant itself, pissing
behind the plant or just some dumbass doing nothing
to avoid attraction.

Be always alert, anywhere, when I see someone
standing by or near a road looking mentally lost or
waiting for a bus that never comes.

So, we welcome alert drivers to Penang Island or be
prepared to spare extra money for your trip here.


Your Friendly Penangite

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