Saturday, 9 February 2008

Reunion with friends

Just returned from the island where I had a reunion with old friends at Denise The Wine Shop in Pulau Tikus. We're aging well....

For the benefit of those who are too old to remember who is who - myself included - we have (standing, left to right): Koon Chong, Siang Jin, Leong Teik, Seng Oo, Chuan Keat, Kean Chuan, Ewe Soon, Chang Meng, Kwek Kong and Kok Hin. Seated left to right are: Kah Theang, Kah Kheng, Kim Bok, Wooi Tong and I.

Missing from the photo are Hock Leong, Choi Choon and Saik Chuan.

(UPDATE): I was looking through my emails this afternoon and noticed that our good old Dr Tan had written something in our OldFrees7072 mailing list about our little get-together. I'm sure he won't mind me reproducing it here:

Just came back from the small gathering of old friends at The Denise Wine shop in Pulau Tikus, courtesy of as-usual generous Chuan Keat who had sponsored the wine, the space and chairs . Some of us brought wives, nuts, cookies and Bak Kua.

Some of the interesting observations and conversational topics:
  • Kah Theang swore that his hair was his own and untainted (untinted). Sounded like a politician, cannot be believed!
  • Most of us are approaching 55 and few of us are planning to wind down. Both the mind and the body are not as willing as before.
  • We need veteran retiree Ewe Soon to advise us how to cope.
  • Dawn (Mrs Khoo CK) , Jesse(Mrs Ang SO) Mrs YeapLT and Saik Chuan didn't look their age. Some magic formula?
  • Chua Soi Lek's partner in the famous video clip named Angelina Yam (Ayam) had small tears at her oral cavity due to Soi Lek's massive drug-induced giant probe.
  • Other videos will surface as the election approaches. One involving a senior UMNO politician?
  • Chuan Keat and Leong Teik looked too prosperous at the waist. Health is a big issue for us now.
  • Writing books is not a lucrative past-time in Malaysia unless it is about some juicy scandals so says Siang Jin. The publishers are also poor paymasters.
  • SS Subramaniam is a big shot in MIC. Unfortunately he is in the wrong political party. 80% of Indians are not voting for BN despite the recent pledges from Najib to help the Indian community. Too little too late?
  • Expensive and impressive-looking camera does not necessarily take the best photos.
Thank you friends for the good company. Hope to see you next year.

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