Friday, 8 February 2008

Visiting the Buddhist Hermitage Lunas

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, our first task was to .... find food for breakfast! Not an easy task as almost all the stalls at the Kampung Baru market in Bukit Mertajam were closed. Only those Indian stalls were opened. Sigh ... it's always a problem every year.

Then we scooted off to the Buddhist Hermitage in Lunas. As we expected, many people were already there and more were to still come. These photos were taken of the arch that's being built at the Hermitage.

Almost all the workers are Burmese working or living around Kulim and Lunas. The Burmese are deeply religious people and they all chipped in to help in whatever way they could during the weekends to build not only this arch but also the Venerable Suvanno Memorial Building.

In a corner of the Hermitage stood Suvanno's dilapidated kutti, an old tin hut that can barely hold a man lying down. That's where he used to live previously before the devotees built him better accommodation. It looks discarded and partially filled with rubbish. Hopefully, the Hermitage committee will want to preserve this kutti later. It'll be a shame if they do not.


Jeffrey Chew said...

friend..heard of cooking breakfast at home? You are further contributing to cut throats traders and insensitive drivers on the roads. Even so, bad bad politicians who host open houses that are so fake. So my advise - stay at home but do more prayers ya? I did myself - praying alot.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Oi ... so few people share your culinary skills, okay?

Jeffrey Chew said...

Jeffrey Chew - Asia's Jamie Oliver!