Friday, 8 February 2008


I've probably not watched so many old movies within a week but that's what I've been doing since Sunday. But only during my spare time, mind you. The Chinese New Year festival wouldn't be one if you were not actively involved with the spring cleaning and the throwing away of the old, useless stuff that's been accumulating over the months.

To Sir With Love. I know this is an old movie but it's worth watching again for two very good reasons. One, Lulu's screen appearance. Two, Sidney Poitier. It was a very simple plot. A replacement teacher gets hired and he faces an uphill task to gain the respect of his delinquent students.

Lilies Of The Field. Yet another Poitier film. The movie is really so old that it was filmed in black and white. I couldn't understand the show when I first watched it while in primary school. But it makes better sense now. The gist of the story is that a handyman built a chapel for some Catholic nuns that had escaped from communist East Berlin to the United States. It's a show that 's worth watching again.

Grease. That John Travolta classic musical about some high school students. There's nothing much to write about this show really, but what still impresses me today is the show's finale in the amusement fair. Travolta tried to be cool but I think his acting was rather stiff.

I finally got round to watching Hairspray, that infectious show with Travolta again but this time, dressed up as an obese, agoraphobic mother during the 1960s in Baltimore. His acting's way much better here. Michelle Pfeiffer was good as the wicked witch. Ahh, okay, there's no sorcery in the show but she did a very good job as the baddie woman. Christopher Walken (Nick Chevotarevich in The Deerhunter) as the father of bouncy schoolkid, Tracy Turnblad. Hah! If not for Travolta in drag, I wouldn't have watched this show because it is corny. As corny as the phony Corny Collins Show itself. Corny Collins was played by James Marsden. I had seen him previously in Superman Returns. Here in Hairspray, he is full of teeth. All toothy smiles. See what I mean?

And the last movie that I watched in the past few days was that classic show, The Paper Chase, with John Houseman as the cold, impassive Professor Charles W Kingsfield Jr at Harvard Law School. Even the name suggests the snootiness of the law lecturer. If you are looking for some intellectual stimulation, this is a great show.

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