Friday, 14 March 2008

General Elections: Observations 7

How long does it take for a honeymoon to be over?

In the case of Guan Eng, his honeymoon was over in .... two days. Well, you can consider it four days if you like, by counting the period from the day after the elections. But for all practical purposes, it's only two days.

He was sworn into the office of Chief Minister of Penang on Tuesday, and by Wednesday he was already being criticised by the Consumer Association of Penang for the decision to waive summonses issued by the two local councils for parking and hawker licence offences.

CAP president SM Idris rebuked him: “We believe he has no power to bend the law. He should not reward the lawbreakers and discriminate against the law-abiding citizens who had settled their summonses."

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