Thursday, 13 March 2008

General Elections: Observations 6

Stephen Colbert is credited with introducing this word - truthiness - into the English language. Let me attempt to add to the richness of the language with my own contribution - bloatiness.

Bloatiness. It's the word that I use to describe a fat Cabinet. A Cabinet chockfull of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and what else. A fat, bloated Cabinet where too many comfortable people do too little work.

Today, I read in the newspapers that our Prime Minister is now mulling over the formation of his new Cabinet. But for once, he is looking into eliminating the bloatiness. He wants to make it leaner now. No more bloatiness. Only a leaner Cabinet, see?

I suppose it will help by combining some of the Ministries into one. For example, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education. If ever there's a splitting of hair, this must be it! Combine the two together, lah!

Then there are the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communication. Certainly another candidate for merger. Let me say here that I'm proposing the new merged entity to be called (please take a deep breath) ...
Ministry of Energy, Water, Communication, Science, Technology and Innovation.
At least, for our PM's comfort, he can still keep some of his bloatiness in Cabinet, if not physical bloatiness but certainly in spirit!

Going further, there's always the possibility of a new (take another deep breath)...
Ministry of Culture, Arts, Heritage, Tourism, Women, Family and Community Development.
How about coming up with a ...
Ministry of International Trade, Domestic Trade, Plantation Industries, Commodities and Consumer Affairs
And while we are at it, the three ministries under the PM can be merged into one too. I'm proposing a newly merged ...
Ministry of Finance, Internal Security and Home Affairs
Heck! My mind is really working overtime today! Full of bloatiness. Good grief!

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