Saturday, 8 March 2008

Mainland mood

When I mentioned to Ted last Friday that I might be taking a drive around the mainland to observe what would happen on polling day, he was asking me what I was hoping to see. His opinion was that there would be nothing more to see.

Actually, I wasn't sure of what I would see too. I've never gone around before. But this morning after I cast my vote in Seberang Jaya, I decided to revisit the parliamentary constituency of Permatang Pauh. It's the Malay heartland in Province Wellesley and if you cannot gauge the pulse of Malay grassroots opinion there, then I wouldn't know where else to go.

A week ago, I had driven to Permatang Pasir, the state constituency that was in the control of Parti Islam (PAS). Not much of an activity there. Banners and buntings were up but no posters of the candidates yet. Here's a banner that caught my eye at that time:

Today, when I drove into Jalan Kubang Semang, this was what greeted my eye. People lining both sides of the road in boisterous support of their political parties. All very good natured and rather hearty. Supporters of the Barisan and the Opposition standing side-by-side, waving their flags and cajoling motorists to vote for their candidates.

But there were more surprises when I turned into Jalan Sungai Dua. I wouldn't want to turn this into a photoblog but the next photo pretty much summed up the mood in the Permatang Pasir state constituency.

It's still very much pro-Opposition and you don't need such banners and posters to remind you of this:

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