Thursday, 27 November 2008

AirAsia X says you can still catch the Queen Mother having tea in London!

So it is confirmed that from March 2009, AirAsia X will be flying to London's Stansted Airport. I received an email from them yesterday. Advertising RM499 flying from Kuala Lumpur and STG99 from London. But all the other charges thrown in, it RM2000-plus for a return trip. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the destination guide link in the email and was taken on an instant virtual tour that extolled the attractions of London.

Okay, you really can't learn everything from here. It's very superficial. People have been writing thick books on London's attractions and culture for a long time and this virtual tour cannot do any justice. It very briefly skims the surface only. But for any would-be first-time visitor, especially if time is at a premium, I suppose the guide should whet their appetite and rouse their curiosity to search for more.

And I also don't know where AirAsia X's publicity people got their facts from. They have better learn to get their facts right or else they'll end up as laughing stock in the industry. Referring to the Cadogan, they wrote that this was a "place to stop by if you’d like to catch the Queen Mother and other famous personalities having their fair share of high-tea."

Excuse me? I vaguely remember reading that the Queen Mother is dead. A check on the Internet tells me that she died in 2002. That'd be six years ago. Bumping into the Queen Mother? I wouldn't want to bump into her having tea or doing the watusi or whatever, that's for sure!

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