Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Penang Schools' Students Chess Council (2)

In my last blog post, I wrote about the Penang Schools' Students Chess Council circulating a letter to the member schools prior to the PSSCC's dissolution. Here is the follow-up letter:


From The Office Of:
Chess Club,
Penang Free School,
c/o 10 Seang Tek Road,
Date: ................

To: .........................


Re : Dissolution of the P.S.S.C.C.

A meeting of the P.S.S.C.C. was convened on 17th June 1972 at St. Xavier's Institution during which a motion proposed by S.X.I. and seconded by P.F.S., moving for the dissolution of the above Council was unaninously passed. The motivating factors behind this move were:-
(a) that the original aims of the Council [ie (i) stimulation of Chess interests in the schools at State level, (ii) introduction and organisation of inter-schools Chess tournaments, (iii) encouraging of competitive rivalry and raising the standard of play, and (iv) co-ordination of inter-school Chess activities in Penang.] had already been realised,
(b) that as encouragement and support, both financially and morally, is being channelled towards the playing of Chess by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Malaysia, the necessity for the existence of the Council is now secondary,
(c) that the member schools are in favour of participating in M.S.S.P.P. and Low Hooi Siah Chess tourneys organised annually.

At this meeting, the P.F.S. Chess Club was given an official mandate to tie up all loose ends. It was also resolved at this meeting that all the various trophies be collected and presented to the newly-formed Penang Chess Association for safe-keeping and exhibition purposes.

However, owing to circumstances beyond our control, the date for the presentation of these trophies to the P.C.A. cannot be fixed as yet but will most probably be effected some time during the December holidays. As such the P.F.S. Chess Club regret to inform all member schools that no notice or invitation to this 'presentation ceremony' will be issued. However, it is the hope of the P.F.S. Chess Club that this event can be arranged to be witnessed and reported in the Press.

Attached to this circular is a copy of a brief account of P.S.S.C.C. prepared by the P.F.S. Chess Club, outlining the events leading to its formation, its progress and achievements and finally its dissolution. The P.F.S. Chess Club would like to place on record its gratitude to all those, with particular reference to Mr. Tan Yam San, former Adviser to the P.S.S.C.C., for the invaluable assistance rendered in compiling this report. The P.F.S. Chess Club hereby invites all member schools to scrutinise the report and submit any criticism(s) or amendment(s) to the Club before Tuesday 31st October 1972. Amendment(s) submitted after the specified date will not be entertained. All member schools are also kindly requested to notify the Club on receipt of this circular and report with or without amendments so as to facilitate accurate official reports for future records. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. Again, kindly reply before 31st Octobcr 1972. Please address all correspondences to the Secretary, Chess Club, Penang Free School, c/o 10 Seang Tek Road, Penang. Thank you.

Comments: Membership - ...........................................

By Order of P.S.S.C.C.

(Khoo Chuan Keat)
Chairman, P.F.S. Chess Club

(Quah Seng Sun)
Secretary, P.F.S. Chess Club

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