Monday, 17 November 2008

Toyota service centre in Prai, Penang

Boy oh boy...I spent more than four hours today at the Toyota service centre in the Prai Industrial Estate waiting for my car to be serviced. Arrived there at 8am and spent the time catching up on some outstanding work. All off-line, of course, because the service centre doesn't even have a WiFi service for their customers. Toyota is either a cheapskate or they haven't caught up with technology yet.

Anyway, I could detect a very weak unsecured wireless signal from where I was seated so whenever I could, I piggybacked on it for some surfing. But I gave up after a while. It's times like this when I wish that I have Andrew's WiFry contraption with me!

Here's a picture of the new Avanza 1.5 in the showroom with its latest cosmetic changes. Looks nice, eh? Price also very nice...

At about 11.45am, I could see that my car was just about ready. But it puzzled me that the Toyota staff did not contact me to collect it. I waited until about 12.30pm before I approached their staff to enquire. Yup, my car was ready. But I asked the lady why she didn't try to contact me? She said she did, two or three times, but I told her nonsense. Not once did my mobile ring. And she could have tried to walk round to the waiting area to call for me. She didn't. Not initiative enough to do something extra for the customers, especially since she knew I would be waiting. In my opinion, it's very bad service from her. And all she could do was to look at me apologetically. She's stupid, really very stupid.


Mx said...

Y Prai .... u may always use the one in Sungai Ara, Penang. Its only 10minutes away from EQ. Can always leave yr car there & get to work and get it during lunch.

Surely, there is wifi in that service centre.

Might wanna try out next time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you wouldnt wanna go to the Sg Ara one. That Thina manager sucks big time. Crashed my side window because his service ppl is incompetent, and yet didnt want to pay for it. Kept blaming that a stone hit it. That couldnt have happened because of the way the window cracked. It was cracking at the very top of the window and not middle, and I suspect his service folks didnt align the window back when they dismantle it, so when the car is under the sun, it expanded and cracked the window. In the end I had to pay for it. Stupid service center. Never never go!

Sharon said...

Really bad service!I hate there!!!

Anonymous said...

Sungai Ara Center sucks. Their billing always got error. One I bought 1 liter top of engine oil, they charged the wrong Oil Grade in the bill and said sorry cannot change the bill, it will take a lot of procedure etc. Last month went to check my power window master switch as per Toyota Notice, they said 1 hour, but promised delivery in 1.5 hours, ok, fine. I waited. I was watching them through the glass window, it took only 10 minutes to get it done. After car was ready, didn;t inform. I had to ask why my car is there and whether it was ready. Then the bill came, charge me for one part which I was not informed earlier, Toyota letter said it was free checking n no charge. They also charged me for car wash n vacuum which I didn't request, I was fedup and I paid and best part when I went to my car, it was NOT washed...what the hell, waited so long, paid for it and not washed although I didn't request to wash. No point complaining I guess...just beware, instructions to them must be clear. Next time, I am going to record my conversation before they do anything.