Thursday, 18 December 2008

Two great albums from the past: Hair and Godspell

At long last, I have managed to find these two vinyl records to supplement the compact disc versions. They arrived yesterday by Pos Laju just as I was returning from lunch. Of course, I couldn't wait until I got home before I opened the package to see the condition of these two records. They are not new but purchased from the vibrant second-hand market in KL.

Well what can I say about this album that I've not said before? It's so quintessentially hippy culture at its most expressive, put into song and words. The singing may not be all that great - there are better covers by other artistes - but nevertheless, it's a message of peace and love. It was in this record that I heard about every sexual practice possible, inter-racial conflict and romance, and of trying to come to terms with the daily ironies of life. I had seen this album on sale at Hinsons in the 1970s but failed to pick it up. But at least, I have it now.

The second album is also a blast from the past. Infectious music but they have such strong religious undertones. Very few non-Christians will bother themselves with the album or its music but let me just say to my fellow non-Christians that we can also choose to be open-minded and simply enjoy the music. That's what I did with Godspell.

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