Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Yet more BM Hill tidak apathy

Way back in September, I was bemoaning that the Penang state forestry department was not doing anything to improve the condition at the BM Hill forest park. At that time, I wrote:
"The Penang state forestry department is just not doing their work. Nobody at the department seems to give two hoots about the environment or its conservation. Irresponsible, that's what the people in the department and their workers are."
Today, almost three months later, despite some promises that the matter would be looked into, the soil erosion along the track up the hill has not been arrested. In fact, I would say that it has only become worse. It's good providence that no untoward incident has happened yet but it is still an accident that's waiting to happen.

But of course, nobody at the Penang state forestry department cares. They'd rather sit pretty in their nice air-conditioned offices at the Komtar tower or at the ranger's office at the foothill and go up the BM Hill's tarmac road in their nice comfy cars or on motorcycles.

Who cares about the hill track, right? It's only dirt and earth. Who cares about lives being injured or property being lost, right? After all, we're not talking about Bukit Antarabangsa here, we're only referring to a small area of an undeveloped clump of earth passing off as a hill.

(This photograph was taken at the beginning of Dec 2008)

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