Sunday, 25 January 2009

Being ignored can be dangerous

There you go ... another "hint" that there may soon be more political upheavals in the country and this time, coming from Penang. About a fortnight ago, I wrote about this particular Barisan Nasional state assemblyman seen in the company of his Pakatan Rakyat colleagues. It wasn't the first time, mind you.

Later, it was reported in the papers that he was being offered a position in the Penang government’s Freedom of Information Committee. Of course, he had to decline the offer after referring it to his party bosses but I think it was more of a public show than anything else. Today, he's again in the public eye complaining that he was being ignored.

Will he? Won't he? Will he? Won't he? Blow hot, blow cold. Tweedle dee, tweedle dum...

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Anonymous said...

Jom...follow the footsteps of Bota Assemblyman in Perak - if you can't get anything done being UMNO,join PKR. I hear wind that more crossovers will happen soon,