Sunday, 25 January 2009

Last-minute pre-Chinese New Year marketing

Today's the eve of Chinese New Year. Went to the Kampong Baru market in Bukit Mertajam this morning at 6.30am. more parking space around the market, so had to park by the roadside. But this is a relief, because it made driving back a breeze instead of having to endure the vehicular jam around the market's main building.

At 6.30am, the place was already bustling with activity. People making last-minute shopping, snatching up whatever foodstuff on display. Don't ever think of buying prawns. At RM80 per kilogramme, it's like eating cholesterol-laden gold. Luckily my family's not into prawns at Chinese New Year.

Anyway, here are some random snapshots of the market this morning:

Customers patiently waiting for their turns at the chicken stall

Roast pork or roast poultry, anyone?

Grabbing at veggies

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