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Chess archive: First Asian team chess championship 1974 (Part 3)

The chess articles here are taken from the old homepage of the Penang Chess Association on Geocities. I wrote them about 10 years old, taken from old records and newspaper cuttings in my possession. In this item and the next, I shall continue with the first Asian team chess championship in Penang at the end of 1974. From the souvenir programme:


Tuesday, 10th December 1974

5.00pm Arrival of His Excellency the Governor of Penang, Tun Datuk Syed Sheh Barakbah, SMN, SSM, DUPN, SPMK, PSB

State Anthem

5.05pm Welcoming speech by Chairman, Organising Committee, YB State Secretary, Encik Mohamed bin Yeop Abdul Raof, KMN
5.15pm Speech by President, FIDE Zone 10, Prof Dr Lim Kok Ann
5.25pm Speech by Hon Chief Minister of Penang, Dr Lim Chong Eu
5.35pm Speech by His Exellency the Governor of Penang and declaring open the competition
6.20pm Life Chess display
6.40pm State Anthem


His Excellency the Governor leaves for Residency



Mr Max Fuller 2365
Mr Michael Woodhams
Mr Arthur Pope
Mr William Jordan
Mr Philip Viner (Captain)


Mr Kan Wai Shui 2360
Mr Sin Kuen
Mr Ko Chi (Captain)
Mr Fung Yee Wang
Mr Chan Yau Fan
Mr Pang Chun Kau


Mr Arovah Bachtiar 2305 (Captain)
Mr Jerry S Sampouw 2280
Dr Max Wotulo
Mr M Simulingga
Mr Dipo

Manager: Rear Admiral F Sumanti


Mr I Haruyama
Mr Sato
Mr H Tenjinbayashi
Mr S Sugaya
Mr N Seki
Mr Y Matsumoto (Captain)


Mr Abdul Rahman Ahmad
Mr Chew Soon Keong
Mr Quah Seng Sun
Mr Tan Kai Ming
Mr Jerry Augustus
Mr Atan Ahmad (Captain/Manager)


Mr Andrew Day (Captain)
Mr Peter Goffin (Manager)
Mr D Flude
Mr Murray Chandler
Mr Robert Gibbons
Mr Peter Clarke


Mr Rodolfo Tan Cardoso 2335 (Captain)
Mr Glenn Bordonada
Mr Roger Adella
Mr Cesar Caturla
Mr Rico Mascarinas
Mr Rafaeltis Maninang


Mr Giam Choo Kwee 2210 (Captain)
Mr Lim Seng Hoo
Mr Goh Cheng Hong
Mr Chan Peng Kong
Mr Terrence Wong
Mr Koh Sei Hian

Below are the photos from either The Star or The Straits Echo:

The Malaysian team - from right, Quah Seng Sun (from Penang), Jerry Augustus (from Johor), Tan Kai Ming (from Penang), Chew Soon Keong (from Selangor, originally from Penang) and Abdul Rahman Ahmad (from Kelantan). Seated to the right of the Malaysian team were the Indonesians and the Australians.

The Life Chess display during the opening ceremony of the championships. The performers were pupils from the Han Chiang Primary School.

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A small correction for Indonesian players' names. They should be Arovah Bachtiar, Jacobus S Sampouw, Max Arie Wotulo, Monang Sinulingga, and Abir Dipo.

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