Saturday, 30 May 2009

See you there?

My wife was a little suspicious when I told her about the Penang Flora Fair 2009. "Are you going there?" she said me. "Don't you think of buying back any more plants," she said. "There's hardly any more space for you to put them."

I know, I know, I told her. I'll just be going on a window shopping trip. I'll be going with my camera only, not my wallet. "Want to come along?" slyly, I suggested to her. Who knows, she may end up as the one buying the plants, not me! "Well....." she answered. So I wait.....

Anyway, the one-week Penang Flora Fair 2009 opens tomorrow at the Penang Botanical Gardens at the hilly end of Western Road, not the Dato Kramat end. The first day's the day that you'll find the flower competition going on.

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Jeffrey Chew said... after Man U kena trashed huh? Boleh tahan