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Chess archive: First annual general meeting, 30 Apr 1975

It took the Penang Chess Association about four months to settle down after the completion of its first major project, which was to organise the first Asian team chess championship on behalf of the Malaysian Chess Federation in December 1974. In April 1975, this Notice of Meeting was sent to all its members:

The minutes of the Inaugural Meeting were written by the Association's first honorary secretary, Ghulam Sarwar, who later resigned from this post. Here is the first Annual Report of the Association and its Statement of Accounts:



1974 has been a significant Year for Malaysian Chess in general and the involvement of the Penang Chess Association in organising the first Asian Chess Championship together with two international Meetings in Penang at the same time had been a noteworthy feature. To a large extent much of the time spent in 1974 had been in working out the finer details for the Asian Championship cum international Meetings.


Penang is reputed to have had a Chess Group which often met at the Boston Cafe in Penang Road, right up to 1947. Since then interest seemed to have lagged for an organised group for chess. Under the Auspices. of the Penang Library, a meeting was convened on 12th March, 1972 and a protem Committee was elected to form the Penang Chess Association. After some teething problems, the Association was formally registered in September,1974.

Patrons: The Association is privileged to have two patrons. They are Y.A.B. Dr Lim Chong Eu the Chief Minister of Penang and Encik Low Hooi Siah J.P. who are honorary patron and patron respectively.
Committee Members: The following members were elected to serve on the Committee for 1974:
President: Encik Fang Ewe Churh PJM
Vice-President: Encik Hashim b. Mydin PJK
Hon. Secretary: Encik J.M. Doss
Hon. Treasurer: Encik A. Thomas Samy
Committee Members: Encik Tan Yam San
Encik Tan Beng Theam
Encik Koo Hock Song
Encik Sarjeet Singh Pada
Encik Gong Wooi Mau.
During the period under review, a number of Committee Meetings were held and some of the major issues discussed include the following:-

a) First Penang Open Championship
b) Club House Activities
c) lst Asian Chess Championship in Penang.

First Penang Open Championship:

The Committee organised the above Championship for chess enthusiasts in Penang and N.W. Malaysia. The response from participants had been overwhelming and the joint Champions were Encik Tan Kai Meng and Encik Tan Bien Huat respectively. Encik Gong Wooi Mau was the third.

First Malaysian Open Championship:

The Penang Chess Association selected Messrs Tan Kai Meng, Tan Bien Huat, Quah Seng Sun and Fong Foo Khun to take part in the National Selection Trial in Kuala Lumpur. At this trial, Encik Quah Seng Sun and Encik Tan Kai Meng were selected to represent Malaysia in the 1st Asian Chess Championship tournament.

The President in Chess Olympiad, Nice France - June 1974:

Encik Fang led the Malaysian team as Team Manager cum Captain to participate in the Chess Olympiad in Nice, France.

Club House Activities:

Members of the Association continued to meet at the Chung Ling High School Old Boys Association to play Chess every Friday night. After June 1974, the Venue had been 'changed to Hooi Lay Association in Kimberly Street. The response from members had been encouraging particularly among the Junior members.

Asian Chess Championship in Penang, December, 1974:

This was hosted in Penang by the Malaysian Chess Federation. The Penang Chess Association was directly involved in the organisation of this Championship. Several Members of the Committee served in the sub Committees to attend to the details of the tournament.

Chess Seminar and FIDE Bureau Meetings:

While the Chess Championship was in progress, a Chess Seminar and FIDE Bureau Meeting were also held in Penang. The Penang Chess Association made the necessary arrangements for these too.

MSSPP Junior Chess Championship:

This was held in Penang in September 1974. Members of the Association rendered useful assistance in supervising the technical side of the Tournament.


In summary, the Association had been generally active this year and members had rare opportunity to witness some of the Chess giants play Chess in Penang and the Asian Championship.

Fang Ewe Churh PJM
Penang Chess Association.

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