Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ain't misbehaving

Excuse me if you think that you are suffering from a surfeit of chess-related posts here on this blog. I really can't help it as the Penang heritage city international chess open tournament in Penang is still on-going. I'm not an arbiter in this event since I couldn't afford to spend time away from the office. I could only go to the Dewan Sri Pinang in the late afternoons so I've been missing all the morning rounds as well. And getting back home at 11pm daily did not help my schedule. I didn't have the time to do anything else, much less update this blog. But the good news is that today will be the final day of the tournament. BEAR WITH ME, please!

Many people think that chess players sit prim and proper at the chess boards. This is not exactly true. While all of them do sit still to concentrate on their games, the tension sometimes lend them to various contortions and peculiar poses:

Top: GM Gerhard Schebler and Loo Swee Leong,
bottom: Mohd Fadli Zakaria and Lim Chuin Hoong

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stephen said...

Thought it was back to music with that title! A Fats Waller classic. Sooo.. I've decided to spend this nice cool evening with jazz numbers.Laura Fygi to be precise.Wish all days were Sunday evenings spent at home with family....watching the sun set and nice azure skies.