Monday, 15 June 2009

Would you go berserk too?

Hopefully, normal service will resume now onwards ... ha ha. For the past five days, I've been spending some time at the Dewan Sri Pinang, dropping in on the Penang heritage city international chess open tournament organised by the Penang Chess Association. As usual, many people got their facts wrong because George Town was listed as an Historical City by UNESCO and not a heritage city. Secondly, wrong spelling of the city again in their banners and other materials .... oh, WTF.

Anyway, it was not until Saturday that I took a real close look at the caged animals at the side entrance of the Dewan Sri Pinang. Basically, there are four cages in all with two meant for some exotic birds (peacocks and peahens) while the other two hold two monkeys.

I was taken aback that the Dewan authorities are keeping monkeys behind wire mesh enclosures. A sorry sight. In the first place, these don't look like local monkeys. Also, it's cruelty to the monkeys. Who proposed the cages? What was the objective? It's a cruel, insensitive joke to keep monkeys as exhibits here, in my opinion. Animals too need freedom but here at the Dewan Sri Pinang, these animals are imprisoned, deprived of their own animal rights. I'm sure people coming to the Dewan are not interested to look at fowls or monkeys. It's time that the project be reviewed, scrapped and the animals sent to a proper zoo. It's not doing more harm than good to Penang's reputation.

When I went on Saturday, the monkeys were caged separately. Both were docile initially, avoiding people and moving around in circles. I went up to one of them and took a photo. I was surprised by what happened next.

This monkey suddenly went berserk and started to tear out its hair. Then it tried to bite its foot off, as this photo showed. It went really wild. It was violent and it wasn't very nice for people to see.

And on Sunday, I saw that the monkeys had been moved together. But I could see that one was dominant and territorial. It always tried to attack the other. Once, the dominant creature caught up with the other and they started biting. I really believed the aggression came from being caged up too long.


stephen said...

I am flabbergasted! How in the world could some idiot have thought of putting monkeys in cages in a building sometimes meant for formal occasions.What purpose would that serve?
It is obvious that the simians are suffering from trauma and stress, you would too if you were caged and ogled at 24/7.I find caging animals and chaining up dogs 24/7 the most cruel form of torture.How would you feel if someone chained or caged you.Some even leave the animals chained in the sun.If you can't upkeep your pets, than you shouldn't have kept them in the first place.Anyway, I digress.I believe in retribution and I hope these idiots will be chained or caged in their next life.Makes me really mad.The stupid idiot who thought up the idea of caged monkeys in the Dewan should be thrown inside the cage instead with some ah longs.I hope your blog will highlight the plight of the aniamls to the authorities soon.This is a blight on the folks of penang.Imagine what the tourists would think or some visiting VIP from a foreign land if they happen to chance upon the exhibit.

Andrew Ooi said...

I was there early in the morning to see how the monkeys were fed. The so called care taker would extend a banana into the cage and when the monkey came to get it, he would pull it away at the last minute. He made a game out of it. This went on for a few times. That's just sad.

stephen said...

The silence is deafening.I hope someone will do something for the poor monkeys.SS,I hope someone reads this blog and take action.