Thursday, 23 July 2009

Miami Vice and Hair OST

I was at the AmCorp Mall flea market on Sunday and picked up these two second-hand records from Joe's MAC.

The first was a double album: the original soundtrack recording of the musical Hair, starring John Savage, Treat Williams and Beverly D'Angelo. However, I'm not wholly satisfied with it because though it passed a visual check of the surface, the first tracks on one of the vinyls proved defective. But I can't really complain. This album sold for only RM15 and the rest of the tracks were fine.

But this second album was something else altogether. This is the ORIGINAL Miami Vice soundtrack. Pressed in Germany and in very good condition both visually and sonically. I've waited a long while to listen to the whole of Jan Hammer's original Miami Vice theme and here it is. In addition, music by Glenn Frey, Chaka Khan, Phil Collins, Grandmaster Melle Mel and Tina Turner!

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XMOCHA said...

aiyo, why didnt call me.. I was there until noon!!!