Friday, 24 July 2009

Heritage: Two views from the Eastern & Oriental Hotel

I wonder what the Sarkis brothers would have seen when they looked out from their hotel in 1885. Would they have seen this?

Or maybe, they were just standing by the sea front and happened to look back to admire their hotel. Would this be what they saw?

No matter. It was a splendid heritage that they left behind.


stephen said...

I don't think so.the hotel as it is today is quite different from what it was in the old days.It was used by the colonials as a meeting place for important occasions and tiffin and for the japanese ,as their exclusive club of sorts during the war years.
I stayed in the old wing many years back.It was pretty run down and quite eerie.My colleague stayed in it recently.Prices have gone up but you get butler service!

Colin said...

How much is E&O charging again ?

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Colin, they charge an arm and a leg for a room, but their daily buffet lunch was reasonable enough at RM46++ per person

stephen said...

When i stayed there many moons ago,i paid 170 for a room per night with a small TV with local channels to keep me company.The last time my colleague stayed there, it was a "bargain" at $490/- ++ for a room with butler service.Did that to impress his GF.(wonder what he got in return?!!).
That said,my two favourite hotels and rooms are the Northam executive suite and the Gurney double bedroom suite.Gorgeous jacuzzis to spend those intimate moments and reasonably priced.Wonder if the E n O has that.Nothing like a spin in a jacuzzi with bath salts and a beer in hand to end the hectic day.Ahh... the simple joys of life..and make that a wheat beer.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Stephen, it's very funny/weird that even their website makes no mention of the room rates. But they can't be cheap.

Their website: