Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pissed and insulted?

Oh, no. Definitely not. It's not my station to "advise" the Bar Council on matters that involve them. But if I were in their shoes, I would feel pretty pissed and insulted over the whole issue.

It's not many occasions that someone can derisively dismiss a fine imposed by the Bar Council on one of their disbarred members as a "parking ticket". That's not giving proper recognition to a professional body that's representative of its own profession and imposing its own internal regulations to maintain its members' professionalism. If a High Court judge had also upheld the right of the Bar Council to impose this fine, who is Muhyiddin Yassin to say otherwise?

Of course, this is not to say that lawyers themselves are not above making other people feel small, stupid and insignificant. Nobody beats them at their own game. It's what they are trained to do, anyway. But geez....Muhyiddin himself may be a closet lawyer in his spare time that I don't know of, and his comment just lowered his own personal status to be at par with that blardy pompous lawyer who termed the Penang Chief Minister's representatives as "office boys" during the infamous Kampung Buah Pala incident. I know that had hurt, so I should think that the Bar Council should feel equally offended as well. Do I hear a riposte from them in the works?


Jeffrey Chew said...

It is clear that DPM is venting his frustrations because BN's efforts to take over Bar Council some months ago failed miserably through their supporters in the legal profession. I am saddened that a leader of this country continues to harp on this while preaching 1Malaysia. SS - insulted is a bigger word. Screwed is the ultimate objective of what a irresponsible leader like Najib and Muhiddyin would try. Try watching TV1 national news every night. It is similar to a newscast from Zimbabwe...I am saddened.

TZ said...

So sad to see our lovely bolehland march backwards in so many ways... *sob sob*... :(

Anonymous said...

nobody is marching backwards. It is BN that is making us backwards. For crying out, stop giving pathetic excuses. BN is the crime.