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Archived post: KLIA-LCCT shuttle bus

---- The information in this post (first written on 22 Nov 2007) is no longer applicable but is retained for archive purpose only ----
[A special note to readers. This post refers only to the shuttle bus service plying between the KLIA's Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) and the Main Terminal Building (MTB). This bus service is especially useful if you arrive on a budget airline at the LCCT and need to catch a connecting full service flight from the MTB, or vice-versa.

If you want to know more about the shuttle bus services plying between the LCCT and the KL Sentral transportation hub in the Kuala Lumpur city centre, click here for my subsequent post.

LATEST (29 Sep 2009): And if you want to know whether it's possible to travel by the high-speed train between the LCCT and the KL Sentral, yes, it is. Click here to read.

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When you look out from an AirAsia aircraft at the KLIA-LCCT, chances are that you will see the Main Terminal Building (MTB) of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The MTB is just a relatively short hop across from the LCCT. In fact, they are located within the same grounds of the whole KLIA complex, only at different buildings. If you are permitted to cut across the tarmac from one building to another, which you cannot do, it will probably take you no more than 30 minutes of walking time.
But of course, you can't. If you want to go to the MTB from the LCCT, you'll have to travel in a long, circuitous route instead of in a straight line.
Not many people realise that there is actually a shuttle bus that plies between the LCCT and the MTB, departing every 20 minutes or so. The shuttle bus service costs RM1.50 per passenger. And because of the long, circuitous route which it must take, the journey takes about 20 minutes to complete.
Recently, I had the occasion to take this bus from the LCCT to the MTB. The station is just outside the LCCT building. As you exit, immediately turn left and walk maybe 10 to 20 metres. There'll be several buses, most will take you to KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur, but be patient and wait for a green bus to come around.
I didn't have long to wait before boarding the vehicle. But be forewarned. Some of the vehicles may not be in impressive condition, and that's a shame because the shuttle bus may possibly be the first exposure that some foreign tourists will get of our country.
Okay, maybe this was just one of the many buses. There may be worse and then, there may be better ones too. But I imagine what some tourists will think of them. Maybe, the authorities believe that people who travel the low-budget way and use the LCCT will not mind and have no grounds to compare and complain even if an old junk is used to ferry passengers between the LCCT and the MTB. Well, it is time for the authorities to clean up their act. They'd better do something fast.

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