Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Passed my medical

"Uncle, you're okay." Reassuring words from a ... doctor. Mmm...since when do doctors start calling their clients uncles or aunties? But it's true, that was how a doctor addressed me last Saturday when she went through the results of my medical check-up.

I had gone for the medical about a month ago - the whole works: blood test, ECG, street test, spirometer test, ultrasound to check my internal organs, bone density test, hearing test - but only bothered to collect my report last Saturday. Whew, what a relief! A whole lot removed from my mind. By and large, the pieces I call my body parts still click in unison. Cholesterol level is well within the normal limit without medication and stress test showed that the old muscle in the chest is still thumping away okay. There may be a little continuing concern with uric acid level, a problem dating back some 20 years, but it's also well within control with my unorthodox prophylactic medication. Anyway, I know that I must continue to watch my diet, especially intake of carbohydrates. Oh yes, the tests also showed a little wear-and-tear in my left heel. Osteopinea, the report said. No wonder I was feeling stiffer than normal for quite some time already.

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stephen said...

It comes from the oft repeated phrase "well I'll be a monkey's uncle" so by clever deduction you're the uncle with no blood ties of course and he's the primate.QED