Monday, 28 September 2009

New old glasses or old new glasses

I really hope this will not be an unlucky third time for me. Twice already, I have had to replace the lenses on my spectacles because twice, I broke them. Put it down to clumsiness on my part. The first time I broke my glasses, I had perched it precariously on the edge of the bathroom sink. The second time, my hands went wild and I accidentally hit my glasses. Naturally, it flew off my face. So this is the fourth pair of lenses on the same spectacles frame. Wish me luck; I need it for my spectacles!

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stephen said...

Why don't you get plastic lenses instead.It might be cheaper in the long run and lighter too.I am slowly transitioning to reduced power for my shortsightedness but now require increased power for reading.Old man's eyes!