Friday, 6 November 2009

Need any third-party help?

Don't! You don't have to feel inadequate anymore. You can now fight back with the multitudes of creamy products that claim to do wonders for your pride. If one cream doesn't work, just try the next one! I'm not talking about what's on top of your head. I'm talking about ... what's down there between your legs. Yes, your willy!

I don't know why but lately, I've been seeing a lot of products being hocked everywhere that claim rejuvenation for men's over-worked penis. Remember the other day when I saw a poster promoting Mann Cream? Well, today, I followed a friend to a pharmacy in Bayan Baru and my eyes strayed to this Sure-Up Stay Active Cream. It was right there on the shelves.

Unlike the dubious sounding Mann Cream with its prominent display of bananas, Sure-Up even has a web presence. Heck, that makes it look very legitimate, doesn't it? But boy, did I have a good laugh over it. For example, do you know that the man's penis:
"....consist 6000 veins. With age, food, lifestyle and repeated use of the penis, most blood veins in the men’s penis becomes clog and ultimately less blood flows through which causes weak erection."
My jaw dropped when I saw the next box: a product called Virile, touted to be an "amazing penis enlargement cream". Not only does the cream claim to treat premature ejaculation, increase penis girth and provide "enormous erection and lasting pleasure", it also has a "good aroma" (important, don't you think so, to smell good?) and helps to "nourish penis skin and remove build up dirt on the foreskin" so that your equipment is left feeling "fresh and invigorated". Maybe feeling dandy and randy too? Gosh, is there no end to surprises from this pharmacy?

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